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Comic Creation Journey

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Comic Creation Journey


010. Problems and solutions while writing your first draft

After getting to know the “fears” I would be talking about in the comic and the solutions I wanted to teach to the readers, I was thinking about stories that fit that goal. (To understand how I get the ideas to start drafting, read the related article “turning fear into an ally when crafting stories”) My challenge was to write story lines that could be interesting and lead me show those solutions in a natural way. I noted everything that…

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009. Turning fear into an ally when crafting stories

When some fear is overcome, a new fear appears. This makes one realize fear is always there and one needs to learn to deal with that. Because fear is natural and we all have fears, it is also important in storytelling. Don’t you keep reading the hero’s adventure each chapter because you fear he might die according to the chapter’s cliffhanger final? The main idea for Believe in Fake Magic webcomic is to help people. Therefore, I need to: Know…

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008. Why rocks define us better

Not so many months ago I realized of a connection related to character development and our real human life. The way a character evolves is not only about his goals and how to fight to get to them. It is about how he reacts to adversity. Let’s use a story: Morgan wants immortality and this character is someone super serious about achieving personal goals. In the path to get immortality, he travels with Jane. She is helping him because they…

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007. Traveling to the past makes me help you

ONE LIFE IS JUST NOT ENOUGH “What if Rapunzel said this thing to Flynn after the movie end part?” “What if instead of this bus I was flying on a dragon?”  My head tends to image over and over how to improve scenes to consume them. That is because I want to live another story in my imagination. Whether it is about fiction characters or just myself in past situations saying smarter things, I just keep imagining. This happens since…

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006. What is your percentage of evilness?

Early in the beginning, I explained the comic story to a friend and he realized I forgot to add villain characters to my story. Why? All of us have a dark side and I didn’t forgot to add that to my main characters of the comic. Let’s say I put a bit of a % of evil inside every each of them. Something big enough that would made them behave unethically if the drama needed it. WE SEARCH THE “LESS…

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005. The goal is closer than you think

I have been always tracking paths to achieve my goals. Even when they are ambitious, I feel them really close because I know in which status I am and what will take to let me get there. I will fight unexpected things every time I find obstacles and that will make me recalculate and reschedule. But that is the point. You don’t need to be 100% sure of something before moving! Just keep trying, set new paths and new goals.…

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004. Creating the best product you can right now

Even in an specialized field, it is usual to be required a lot of different skills. To be an illustrator, you need to manage different tools, know about space and perspective, composition, volumes, color theory, be able to scan/edit your drawing to share it online, know about the industry to work, learn to deal with clients,… The more I know, the more impact I can make in my industry… right? So, what if I am just good at drawing? Can…

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003. Recognizing your best idea

We tend to have different ideas and projects and we want to start all of them at the same time but that doesn’t work quite well. If you neither have all the time of the world and don’t know how to decide which is the best starting point, let me give you an example so you can choose better. I want to create a story with characters that young girls can use as a lens to examine their own lives…

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002. How problems become solutions

There are tons of experiences that come with pain as a topping. If you are lucky, learning will be also included. Wait, is that really luck? I did get advice from different sources but yet I made mistakes anyway once I got in the real situation. ¡Ups! It is true that a way to learn is often after getting physically or mentally hurt, which is not fun. So far I have been emotionally hurt in quite a variety of situations…

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001. What I learned from living my ‘dream’

It got tough when I start my new live in Japan. I was ‘following my dreams’ without the people I love, trying to adapt, surviving by studying the language and working part time. Of course, I was never really alone. Internet was kind enough to send me the support of the friends and family I am so fortunate to have. After graduating from the Bachelor’s Degree in Audiovisual Communication at Barcelona (Spain) where I am native, I went to live…

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