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Return the Favor was Mar's graduation project when studying animation in Japan. She acted as the main creator but another 4 students (and many teachers!) added magic to this project.

"Daniel, Me Estás Madanto" was looking for a retro looking anime-styled music video for their romance story. You can learn more about the project in their Customer Story 1.

A ballad to a long happy life together! This music video works as a short film as it tells the story of a couple and their family from the early 20th century. More on customer story 3.

While Mar wanted to keep live streaming weekly, she found that she could not share her current work because it was a commission containing too many spoilers. Instead, she broadcasted the making of a simpler animated loop. The result is used in this very chill music video, helping you calm down.

7 clips from the 9 scenes we worked in "My Holographic Heart" short film. Calm whales, forest naps, and retro iPods. Learn about how it was made through the customer story 4.

Chill animated loops for long music videos. Enjoy the warm vibes and focused work time. This is part 3 of a little series of animations. Part 1 and 2 are waiting to be released.

"Lucky Leo" is a trailer produced in 2022 for a short film meant to bring awareness to the delicate situation of wild lions. The video animation is very simple, focusing on impactful illustrations and skies that help picture the narrated story.

Ttrailer for a romance fantasy book. The video is done in an animatic format (not full animation) but the audio is close to final level and some frames are colored in detail.



Windy Lightning is the first story inside Believe in Fake Magic saga.  

Its main story is told in a (web) comic format but it also has an animated short related to it, Return the Favor, which is above on this page.
Story genre: Fantasy/Adventure/Romance.

What if you could use magic to save those you love most, but that might get people trying to burn you to ashes? In a world where every witch must get killed in a bonfire, Wendel despises his magical powers. However, his little sister is starving and his special skills are quite useful...

Shall we do magic together?

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