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A storyboard is "a series of drawings or images showing the planned order of images." Often based on a script that requires drafted visuals to help the production crew organize how they will bring those ideas onto the screen.

The studio at Maru Exposito can create fully animated projects from script to final edited video. That being said, specific services such as storyboarding are also available on demand. 

We are best suited for films or series, commercials, and music videos.



Faster and most affordable, while communicating everything that matters to the production team.

 You will get...

Cleaned up

More resource-consuming, but presented in a more cohesive and beautiful style. They are functional for the team as well as perfect to use for a project pitch and marketing purposes. 

You will get...


Like a sketch is for a finished illustration, an animatic is the draft version of a video. It puts together the static drawings of a storyboard in a video. The scenes include simple camera movements and the timing of the cuts is already close to how the final video would be.

Animatics can also have audio information, be it as actual audio or in text or subtitle format. 

Review a finished storyboard and animatic made by us!

You can see for yourself the level of love and detail we put into our projects! 

This page includes project details, the option to download or read online the full static storyboard (essential and cleaned up), and the full animatic to watch:

The Glass Gate trailer project is an adaptation of a key scene from a romance novel. 

Other Storyboard Examples

"(Mar) is an excellent worker and artist, she takes care of the project needs while respecting moral and artistic values."

Nacho Sotelo, Co-producer of Daniel, Me Estás Matando


Do I need a script and characters settled?

Yes, to a degree. This service does not provide you with a story and character design. That being said, we can offer some support and feedback on your story and character descriptions. If you are unsure whether your materials are developed enough for a storyboard, contact us anyway and we will let you know.

How many frames will you draw?

We do simple but powerful storyboards, easy to understand both by producers and expert animators. How many frames will we draw depends on the script we agree to. Usually, an animated film minute needs around 35 frames. Animated music videos that are 2 to 4 minutes long need an average of 20 to 60 frames to tell a proper story.

What genres do you do?

We love epic fantasy or adventure, drama, sweet stories, comedy, romance, magical creatures, royals, historical worlds and costumes, real-world locations, animals and humans, natural worlds, sports, cute aesthetics, family, anime-styled stories, and myths.

What genres won't you do?

Please refrain from ordering if you are looking for a story containing gore, gambling, crude violence, zombies, homophobia, racism, war, smoking as good/cool, curse words, drugs, robots, gangsters, sexual nudity, or existing public figures.

What is your step-by-step process to turn scripts into storyboards?

You can find that clearly listed in this article. It includes first meeting(s) topics, booking procedure, basic production, reviews, and deliveries. You can also see a specific storyboard creation example here, where we share how we would adapt some novel chapters into a book trailer.

After the storyboard is done, what is the next step?

Something special is that for 2D-anime related storyboards, our team can animate it later! If you wish to collaborate or hire us, fill in this form to ensure we are the right fit.

We are the right studio for you if we share our values...

1. All stories contain life-changing messages. Example: Don't miss a chance to show your love for the people you care about.

2. No use of filler content to prolong the story. However long the story is, all scenes evolve towards the decided ending!

3. Stories don’t support gambling, smoking, drugs, homophobia, racism, or war.

4. We push into developing environmentally-friendly creative processes. We are conscious of our business decisions.

5. High importance on publishing content that meets deadlines and set expectations.


Everything you need to know: services we offer, pricing, bookings, visual styles, who provides what, genres we love, main stages of the process, how communication works, and more! If you are considering our services but have questions, this is your first stop.

Your Project is very Special

Message me with your idea to talk about your project's details and ensure we are the right fit! 

Beginning with clear communication is how smooth collaborations and ideal creative results happen. Some things to check are your project's goals, content ideas, deeper message, my availability, and any concerns or questions you may have.