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Maru Exposito offers 2D animation services from script to final video level:  full-project or divided by specific creative department.

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We are the right studio for you if we share our values...

1. All stories contain life-changing messages. Example: Don't miss a chance to show your love for the people you care about.

2. No use of filler content to prolong the story. However long the story is, all scenes evolve towards the decided ending!

3. Stories don’t support gambling, smoking, drugs, homophobia, racism, or war.

4. We push into developing environmentally-friendly creative processes. We are conscious of our business decisions.

5. High importance on publishing content that meets deadlines and set expectations.

Customer Stories

"(Mar) is an excellent worker and artist, she takes care of the project needs while respecting moral and artistic values."

Nacho Sotelo, Co-producer of Daniel, Me Estás Matando

Read about their request and how it all developed:

The final video is now offline, but you can still read about their request and how it all developed:

Read about their request and how it all developed: 

Read about their request and how it all developed: 

Music video example commission


We make a video call or chat and discuss the goals and features of your music video. Are we a good fit?!

Expect lots of questions here. We need to make sure we deliver the BEST product you can possibly imagine.


We settle an agreement to make clear all relevant expectations: deadlines, what will the studio provide, when and how revisions work, payment method, details that "must happen" in the script, message and feeling the animation needs to communicate, etc. This is all extremely customizable on your project.


Once everything is clear and we received all content from you (song, lyrics...), we start working on preproduction. We'll present a script, including concept art of the visuals we have in mind.


When the script is clear, you'll set the final character/style designs and the drafted animated storyboard. That is how you can actually see the characters in motion with the timing of your special song.


After lots of patience and love, the animated video is ready! Is this what you wanted? A few days before the delivery date you'll see the "final" version. This will give us margin for revisions if needed.


After the second (and final) payment, we'll give you the final files, watermark free, and bonuses you may have requested such as thumbnail for YouTube, stills for social media, and others.

Deliverables included

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Check our tips for professionals to make the most of animation studios. Pros and cons, tips to choose your studio, different animation styles available, etc.


Everything you need to know: services we offer, pricing, bookings, visual styles, who provides what, genres we love, main stages of the process, how communication works, and more! If you are considering our services but have questions, this is your first stop.

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Whether you already have a song you need stunning visuals for, or you just think it would be good to collaborate in another type of animated project, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!