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Some Wednesdays around 12:00 noon JST, Mar goes live, usually working on studio projects while answering your animation questions, and chats about more informal topics.

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🔴Testing streams, Animation Q&A while Animating a girl for MH2's film


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🔴Japanese Animation Studio recap of 2022 works! & Q&A


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🔴Weekly Live Stream PAUSED!


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"Like talking with an old friend"

Short on time?

We summarized some recorded streams for you!

You can also send questions to Mar through social media so she replies on stream. She will send you the video link later.

Testing streams, Animation Q&A while Animating a girl for MH2's film

Some topics mentioned, not in order:

  • Our live stream plans and ideas for 2023

  • Animation industry in Japan for foreigners

  • Updating the setup visually

  • Talking about the current commissioned project: My Holographic Heart while showing a screen recording for a cut, inking keyframes

  • Martial arts and some life updates

Animation Studio recap of 2022 works!
& Q&A

Topics in order:

The studio work's recap:

  • Animation projects worked in 2022

  • Animation projects finished in prior years but released in 2022

  • Current animation projects we're working on now that will drag to 2023

  • A couple of artists I used to follow

  • What the studio has upgraded/done in different areas this year.

Q&A time:

  • Mar's art-related training prior to creating the studio

  • Software we use, showing in detail a cut for MH2 we're working on

  • How our studio works (clean up, inbetweens)


  • Livestreaming ideas for 2023 and viewer's requests

  • Where to find my old livestreams (at the time of the recording, they are all public! Youtube just puts them into a streams tab and not with the rest of videos)

Bonus question: how to get work into animation studios other than making a portfolio.

Where to start to become an animator? Which software? Computer specs I need?

Our community friends ask about why type of laptop I use for animation, where to start to become a full-time animator, which skills to master, etc.

We also talk about coloring guidelines for anime, what types of emails our newsletter friends receive, and what other streams are coming.

Meanwhile, Mar is correcting some in-between art for a music video commissioned to the studio.

Clip Studio Paint drawing, inking, and coloring for anime

To train our new team, I showed how I do key animation files. Japan studios use a similar style so feel free to use it for your productions as well!

PROCESS (timestamps inside the video's description)

  • Drawing/Sketching

  • Inking/Keyframe

  • Shadowing

  • Coloring

  • Timing and final info

Character Design for Anime! How it works + other Industry Questions

-What is character design and a character sheet for
-How to keep characters looking the same through the animation project
-Drawing a character from the back
-Blind accessibility in Japan
-How many languages does Mar speak
-Do inbetweeners use the character sheet to make frames?
-How much did your drawing device cost? Wacom Intuos Pro Small
-Different staff in the animation studio and the process to create animation from layout to color
-Does cell animation happen in anime

Let's Discover the Core of ALL our Animations

After following all the steps to fulfill my dream, I chose not to enter an existing animation studio in Japan. WHY? To create animation with my own rules! Join this steam to get a deeper look at the reasoning behind our 5 public values.

(Timestamps available inside the video's description on YouTube)

But why streaming?

Vlogs, in-person interviews, and tutorials are great but take a lot of time to prepare, film, and edit.

So, we started these "chat while I work" streams to try to produce videos while still animating (what everyone wants Mar to do really).

I'll stream weekly for 6 months to see if I like it, even if no one is watching!
And if the steams pay for the webcam and the monitor by Dec 2020, then I will keep going for another year.

Little did Mar know that this would become one of her favorite times of the week.

She could be a wild extrovert while working from home! Animation, comics, animals, health topics, Japan... everything fits in our informal talks!

We welcomed new team members thanks to the connections created. We took stand-alone tutorials out of streams. And we all learned a lot of new things about the industry together.

And YES, that financial goal was reached! Thanks to YOU!

In 2021 we made an effort to maintain the fun while becoming more valuable and on-topic. That meant we had some live interviews.

That said, even if in many videos Mar is working, she is not drawing at full power. So we are relying on the community budget to keep it going. We count on the support of those who can and want to help!

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