Animation Industry Resources

Tutorials, advice, and materials for any amateur and professional working in the anime industry.

Learn from this studio's interviews with veteran and young professionals, step-by-step videos, guidelines, and vlogs. If you want to go even deeper, watch us LIVE on YouTube or Twitch and ask us anything!


Do animators watch their own anime? What is the difference between animating from home or full time at a studio? Learn from Akira's and InuYasha's key animator, Orphen's background artist, and many more veteran and new animators. All in  English, or Japanese with subtitles.

Live Streams

Mar, the studio's team, and some guests go live to talk about animation industry stories. Sometimes these are serious topics while others are fun facts and personal anecdotes. The live videos usually include Q&A and engaging time with you!

Tutorial Videos 

& "Mar's Reply" Series

Some of the tools created for the team, screen recordings, and other pieces you can learn from, as well as Mar answers the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) by Mar. Mostly key parts or talks with aspiring animators.

Return the Favor's Animated Short Vlog Series

Trailer, promo videos, project history, and 23 making-of type of vlogs about the creation of a short animated film while studying at a vocational school.

Mar's Way Vlog Series

See how this studio started, and how it evolved directly thorugh the founder's point of view.

Patreon-only Rewards

All our patrons have received not only extra sketches and early updates but also articles about our comic and animation creation adventures, life/art advice, storyboard panels, tutorials from our staff guide, and... just more! The list is quite long right now. Yes, the Character Creation Guide too.

One note though! To appreciate all our patrons joining earlier than later, we sometimes delete 6 months-old content. That also means that "today" is always the best time to join the magic family.

Character Creation Guide

We created a 6-point tutorial to help you design memorable and attractive characters that match their stories. It will help you develop characters from scratch as well as allow you to check, step by step, that what you have in mind will work. It covers advice on character internal development,  use of references, how to test your character in action, proportions, and color.

This PDF was built at the start of building our saga Believe in Fake Magic (from the Windy Lightning comic) so it has a clear comic point of view. However, all points are very fundamental so they can help you create characters for any other media such as animation or illustration. 

Anyone who is a Witch Watcher tier supporter in patreon can download it directly from this post


Online Japanese Language Courses

Some of this studio's friends and team members are interested in learning Japanese. And I know first-hand that these online courses are some of the best investments out there. 

When someone purchases a Japanese Online course full payment through one of these 4 links, our studio gets a commission. Win-win, if you'd like to support us while learning.

Our internal team can get a small discount with their purchase (ask before buying!).

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