Mar's Way Vlog

The story of the animation studio's starter video blogs and why they evolved into live streams

What is the "Mar's Way" vlog?

Our founder Mar spent a couple of years working at a full-time job in marketing while doing comic and art on the side. And right before jumping part-time to spend more time animating, she decided to document the journey through video.

Why did the vlog pause

and why is that good

She expected the first "animation focus" year building a portfolio and documenting the journey through vlogs. And just as she started an original project and was finishing editing some animation interviews, our first-ever commission came in (No Soy Nada).

As you see, things didn't go as planned... they went better.

Vlog editing was taking so much time and a friend suggested sharing the journey through live streams instead. That way we could keep being productive even when sharing the process and connecting with others. She tried, and she loved it! And from the live streams it was actually easy to cut nice short pieces that were relevant to all of you into "static" videos. You can see most of those in our Tutorial page.

So that is what happened. This vlog did not actually pause, it evolved into regular Twitch and YouTube livestreams starting from summer 2020.