Tutorial Videos

Collections of team corrections, guidelines, tutorials, and selected Q&A answers.

Mar's Reply

Animation focus

This YouTube video list is a mix of answers to your questions on live streams, interviews to Mar, or questions I received on social media.

It also includes longer as-you-go tutorials of me explaining things as I work so later our team can see how I create animation.


Animation focus

This YouTube small video list is especially useful to anyone who wants to see how I create animation since I am either explaining my process or going through cuts in real time.

Windy Lightning comic corrections

Comic focus

These videos are specifically directed to the team and not directly intended as tutorials for the public. However, they have brought value to some as you can see fully how we work and learn about backgrounds, art or Photoshop.

Anyone who is a Witch Watcher tier supporter on Patreon can get a link to at least 3 extra videos (corrections 2, corrections 4, and corrections 6).

More tutorials

If you have questions about "how to" anything animation and comic, or about the animation industry, we suggest you message us on social media or join our live streams. Actually, the recordings of past streams also have extra content we have not summarized in quick tutorial videos yet.