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Jarrett Martin

Feelance Animator - 2D Animation Studio Manager

Jarret Martin is the creator of the Striving for Animation community, where both rookies and pros can learn and improve their work in the Japanese animation style. He is also leading his own studio Tonari Animation, a web-based studio providing 2D animations using the Japanese Animation pipeline.

Shinichi Suzuki

Feelance 2D Animator - Character Designer

Director at "Yugen Gaisha Anime Koubou Basara" (Studio Basara). Professional key animator in Japan. Mar's main animation teacher when she studied animation in Tokyo.


Feelance 2D Animator - Character Designer

Porkky (Greg Chen) is a young animator who has been successfully freelancing for the past few years. He has done works for Warner Bros Animation, Studio Yotta as well as Fantoons. His strengths are in character animation and effects but he loves to create character sheets too.

Kumiko Kakoi

Freelance 2D Animator

Key animator and layout artist for major TV Anime studios in Japan. Currently freelancing and teaching animation but has worked in-studio as well.

Taeko Oda

Freelance 2D Animator - Former Sunrise? Animator

Professional freelance key animator and layout artist. A former teacher at Tokyo Design Academy (animation and character design).

Shin Watanabe

Background Artist

Professional freelance background artist, mostly digital. More than 20 years of experience in anime and videogame background art.

Kazuhiro Arai

Background Artist - Background Art Studio Founder

Founder of Studio Homare. Background art director and background artist for Animate TV shows with more than 40 years of experience. Traditional and digital works.

Interview Host

Mar is originally from Barcelona (Spain) and moved to Tokyo in 2014 to study Japanese. She's fluent in Catalan, Spanish, English, and often can manage Japanese.

After graduating top of her class in her 2D animation studies in Tokyo, she worked in marketing in Tokyo while developing her Animation & Comic studio "Maru Exposito."

During these last years, as she creates both original and commission projects, she will take some time to talk with amazing artists and share their knowledge.

Contact: LinkedIN | Instagram

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