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Our educational and review type of articles are a guide for anyone who wants a better understanding of the animation world.

The goal is to steadily expand our website content by showing the processes, pros, and cons of this industry. Then, professionals will have a quick way to observe all the possibilities working with an animator has to offer as well as highlight common issues and tips on how to overcome them.

You can also find articles made to our studio staff in this list, but our older (and some recent) articles specifically for comic and animation artists are available to our patrons.

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Mar moved to Tokyo in 2014 to study Japanese. She's fluent in Catalan, Spanish, English, and can manage Japanese.

She has an Audiovisual Communication degree from Barcelona and studied 2D animation in a vocational school in Toyko. While working in a marketing position in Tokyo she started her own animation & comic studio "Maru Exposito".

These past years, as she creates both original and commission projects, she will take some time to talk with amazing artists for interviews or write articles about the industry.

Direct contact: LinkedIN Instagram

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