April 2021, Mar Exposito

Hi! I am Mar, the founder of a studio in Japan that specializes in custom storytelling through anime-styled videos. If your project matches our studio values, then we'll create your video from script to final edit, always considering your opinion and important points. We will set review points for the storyboard, design approval, and final animation check.

And you can book us in advance to work on your animation.
At the writing of this article, we have slots for 2021 and 2022. 

How do project slots work

I believe in focused work, so ideally we prioritize one project at a time during production and post-production.

However, that doesn't mean we are not moving other projects forward at all. Usually, I review proposals, requests and talk with prospective customers anytime.

Fill in the Animation Enquiry Form and, after the basics of the project are clear, we will see when production starts and when will we deliver it.

How long does it take to create each project

I always insist that timelines depend heavily on each project's needs. And it is very true!
But that doesn't mean I can't show you averages.

Music videos with few characters, loops, or a mix of simple and complex animation, take around 2-5 months

A 3 minute full animation project with 4+ characters and dynamic action all around will take more than 6 months

What factors affect production time the most?

The best time to book...

... is as soon as you know you need an animated video!

Setting animation styles, "must-have" content, script, deadlines, and the fixed price often takes 5-14 days! With timezones not always in our favor.

Contact us as soon as you think you may need an animation video even if you don't have ALL the data yet (nor the 100% finished audio or a clear script). That way we will be able to move things forward and allocate in advance production time. 

Contacting easily also helps with recruiting since different projects have different needs and I will need to assess who is best to help from our team's talent pool and manage their availability.

What do we need to START production:

 (again, this is to start creating, not when to contact us)

Get my animation done!

At Maru Exposito's Animation & Comis Studio we do both original pieces as well as commissioned music videos and other types of animated clips.

You can see more about our skills and the process on the Services page, or fill in the hiring form directly.