June 2020, Mar Exposito

1) Animated visuals stand out

Most music videos use live-action filmed videos or straightforward lyrics. Whether it is one or a full series, the animation will stand out and catch people's attention. As a bonus, story-driven animated videos with a good flow are easier to remember.

2) The integrated lyrics look better

The visuals of the animation and text can match in textures, colors, motion, and overall style so it is more consistent visually. And on-screen lyrics means the audience will be able to understand and remember the lyrics better. Let them sing!

3) ALL things can be done

Flying horses? Just draw it. Is your band singing underwater? No need to get wet. Anything imaginable is doable and with skill, it will actually look plausible. With animation, you dictate the world rules without necessarily skyrocketing budgets nor risking a cold.

4) Slow but reliable

Any project requires good management, with no exception; especially where humans are involved. But it is easy to meet deadlines when your shooting day can't get postponed due to poor weather conditions, and the hired kid actor needs some more time to get into the right mood. 

5) Open gates to a new audience

Especially when collaborating with renowned studios and artists, you can expect extra views. Plan your marketing campaign accordingly and get ready to reach those fresh eyes. 

Image from "On Your Mark", animated by Studio Ghibli for the band "Chage and Asuka"

6) Multiplied design choices to nail your vibe

As both realistic and fantastic themes get explored, don't forget that there are infinite styles for the animation to expand each topic and bring it closer and closer to the right message. Type of animation, character designs, light and colors, rhythms, and transitions are just a few of the tools you can now control. The atmosphere and feelings communicated will be just right.

Get my animation done!

At Maru Exposito's Animation & Comic Studio we do both original pieces as well as commissioned music videos and other types of animated clips.

You can see more about our skills and the process on the Services page, or fill in the hiring form directly.