July 2020, Mar Exposito

When you go out there to get your music video animated you will find as many different processes, styles, and prices as there are artists.

Which includes a handful of software and packages that could be helpful depending on what you have in mind, your budget, copyrights, and the time frame.

How do you know what is best?

Here is what to expect from the two main ways to get an animated music video done:

A) Templates and Stock clips

You could put together a video using stock footage, motion-able characters, or use software such as Animaker Music Video maker. Stock services such as Shutterstock also have an animation clip library. The clear benefits are their usual cheap price and that you can control the editing completely.

But you will also risk that others may have a very similar look in their videos if they used the same images. Also, whether the footage put up in those stock sites it truly available for use (and not stolen).

If you decide to go through this route you will need to edit the final video on your own or hire a professional. There a plenty of free and paid editing software out there: DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut to mention a few.

Something not to overlook while creating your masterpiece is to be mindful of the light and colors so all shapes, styles, and flow are as cohesive as you need to. 

In other words, the "stock + template" path is the cheap Do It Yourself option. Note that "cheap" is in italics because as with any DIY, you better manage well your time and efforts in it. Potentially, learning new software, research clips to fit your style, and putting it all together might have been a bigger investment than asking for a custom animation to a studio. 

A mixed way would be hiring someone who is familiar with this method and explain your vision to them very well.

B) Custom Production

Hired original pieces will give you any theme you desire, with specific colors, story character designs, and no worries about animating.

More specifically, a professional commitment to an animation studio makes sure your song and your needs are fully heard. They will create something truly special for you and your audience. 

When you talk to your selected studio, make sure they understand your vision and ideas, as well as any priority point for you. The delivered file should not be "anything my budget can afford" or "just what comes to their mind".

The best-fit studio will set a storyboard, complexity of animation and everything else into a smart idea that matches the heart of your song. This is not about prices but about how well they create something that fits your needs and available investment. What you get in return is no less than a stunning video for your audience!

Get my animation done!

At Maru Exposito's Animation & Comis Studio we do both original pieces as well as commissioned music videos and other types of animated clips.

You can see more about our skills and the process on the Services page, or fill in the hiring form directly.