Interview to Porkky

Freelance 2D Animator


Porkky (Greg Chen) is a freelance animator who has joined the industry in recent years. He has worked both in-studio as a freelancer and also worked in different studios for different countries (including the US and Japan). He does mainly character animation and effects but also enjoys working on character sheets.

Some featured projects

- Long Gone Gulch (Animator)
- Animaniacs (Cleanup/Retake Animator)
- Hands Up - The Plan (Animator)
- Waking Up Down (Cleanup Animator)
- Rhythm Heaven Reanimated (Animator)
- The Spirit of Radio (Animator)
- Frank Sinatra's "Jingle Bells" (Animator)
- Montana (Animator)
- Hayfever (Animator for 2D sequences)
- Ya Shabihy (Animator)

Interview Video

LIVE in 2021 on YouTube and Twitch


- His adventure in the animation industry
- What are the good things of being a freelancer in this industry
- What are the challenges
- Different studio styles, software
- Time management
- Managing a budget and working at different rates
- His favorite animators and how they influence his work
- Recommendation to get an education in animation
- Does freelancing accept entry-level animators
- What are your future plans

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