The Glass Gate Trailer

Maru Exposito created the early steps necessary to animate a trailer for the fantasy romance novel The Glass Gate.

Draft character design lineup to help with character proportions in the storyboard.

What is done for this project is:

About the Novel

This animation project is based on a Cinderella retelling mixing current-time humans and faes from Tir Na Nog!

Genre: Sweet romance urban fantasy
Target audience: Young Adults

**If you think Ever After is the best Cinderella retelling, because they actually get to know each other, or that Project Runway would be improved by having a baby dragon, try The Glass Gate! This is a sweet, stand-alone retelling of Cinderella, set in the Faerie Tale Romances world**


The trailer takes some of the early chapters of the book as direct reference, but adapts the action of  those chapters into a screenplay where anyone can follow the story and get curious to know more. 

Read the Full Storyboard

Glass Gate Storyboard: Essential

"Essential" format storyboards are faster and most affordable, while communicating everything that matters to the production team.

Glass Gate Storyboard: Cleaned Up

While "Cleaned Up" storyboards are more time-consuming to create and require a higher investment, they are presented in a more cohesive and beautiful style. These are perfect to use for a project pitch and marketing purposes. 

Watch the Animatic

Watch the final animatic producers would use while comparing the two styles. 

The animatic is also used as an official trailer for the book!

The video below has some bonus elements usual animatics don't have such as sound effects, custom-made music, and extra colored illustrations. It stands between an animatic and a simple-drawn short film that treats Hanna Sandvig's book fans while teasing the story to future readers.

Trailer video credits

Direction, Designs, Storyboard, and Video Editing by Mar Exposito
Music by Ayaka Nakamoto
Sound Engineering by Funetaro
Proofreading and Castle Background Art by Catherine Dame

Special thanks to Paola, Anna, Mominori, and Chil for their feedback

Voice Talents:
Rachel Stepanek as Ella
Ciaran Daly as Tiernan
Tiffany Perdue as Amber and Saoirse
Ryan Wichael as Declan

See the 'Making of'!

Do you want to go deeper into our process? Mar explains the steps she took to adapt the novel into a storyboard! This video is an edit from a livestream session. This video was filmed while the final animatic was still not finished so it is focused on pre-production.

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