Interview with Jarret Martin

2D Animator, Founder of Tonari Animation Studios


Jarrett is a freelance 2D animator who has been working remotely for various Japanese animation studios. In 2020 he created Tonari Animation, gathering animators and other artists like himself to outsource more anime work from Japan as well as create some original pieces.

He started Striving for Animation's educational YouTube channel and is also present at Sakuga Foundry. Those free resources help aspiring and professional artists work in the animation industry.

Interview Video

LIVE in 2021 on YouTube and Twitch


- Jarrett's animation adventure (how he became an animator)
- What does the animation pipeline look like, and how do foreigners integrate into it
- What are the good things about working for the Japanese industry
- What challenges that international freelancers can expect
- How is the communication like with the studios (language, culture, channels...)
- What types of animator profiles do you see the most and how can they succeed
- How does a 2D animator match his work in a 3D background
- How to learn to animate effects
- Do you need JLPT N2 (Japanese Language Proficiency Test Nokken 2) to work in the animation industry
- Which programs are used the most to animate (Clip Studio Paint?)

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